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Administration - Appointments - Research

Medical administration can be complex and far-reaching, so it takes an experienced organiser to keep on top of it all. Your family’s health and wellbeing relies on you keeping track of appointments and records, as well as being well-informed about the processes, treatments and options available to you.

Polly is passionate about all things medical and has a depth of knowledge and experience of medical-related issues and record-keeping.

If you or someone you love suffers a medical emergency, having up to date medical details and organised documents to hand could, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

We can offer the following services to help you manage your medical needs and give you peace of mind:

  • Create and maintain Personal Medical History records
  • Manage your medication and prescription schedule
  • Home Help for Personal Shopping,Household management
  • Arrange appointments and research, on your behalf, doctors, specialists, consultants, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors
  • Communicate with external care workers and medical staff, under your instruction and on your behalf
  • Create personal Healthcare charts and monitoring specific to you and your Healthcare providers requirements

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