About Polly

Pauline Lawley

Polly is a Professional Organiser and creator of the PollyB online clothing store. She is also a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Social Media Brand Content creator and Editor.  Polly is highly organised and creative.  Her drive and enthusiasm are infectious. Polly brings integrity and drive to everything she does and everyone she meets, offering hands-on support and solutions for all things business and lifestyle-related. 

Polly was born in the UK in the beautiful Town of Harrogate and brought up in the surroundings of the North Yorkshire Dales.  She has worked and travelled extensively. Returning to the UK from Cape Town in 2018 to personally take care of her Father suffering from Terminal Cancer and Dementia. Sadly, he passed away in June 2019.  Leaving a huge void and he is so missed.

‘You Need a Polly’ was put on ‘hold’ for 12 months in order to devote her time to being a Full-Time carer for her Father.

Drawing on her own life experiences, both personal and professional, Polly has created an innovative service called “You Need a Polly” to help people organise, manage and cope with all areas of personal and business needs.  Home | Life | Business.  A complete “One Stop” place for all the things lifestyle and business related. It is a ‘PAY as YOU GO Service’ meaning you only pay for the time and services YOU require.  Whether that be a  ‘On-off’ or you require regular assistance. 

Polly gives consistently high standards and she genuinely loves what she does. References are available and Non Disclosures should they be required. 

‘You need a Polly’ Services are available throughout the UK and also Worldwide, having experience in numerous Countries

The services offered by “You Need a Polly” are extensive. 

As an example: One of these services is Social Media Marketing. Polly, appreciates the challenges faced by small to medium-sized business owners who have great products/ services but lack the time or the skill sets to achieve maximum recognition and marketing exposure for their brand to maximise on sales and brand awareness.  She is used to working with wide and varied  Products and Services both locally and globally.  


Our Services

We offer a complete range of bespoke lifestyle and business solutions, tailored to your individual requirements and circumstances. If you can’t see the particular area that you’re looking for, simply drop us a line using the enquiry form. Let us know a bit about the assistance required and we will come back to you within 24 hours to discuss in more detail.

We are about helping people, enhancing lifestyles and offer full business marketing and management services, along with Household Management Services and a lot more. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We love getting to know new clients and building lasting relationships, so whether we’ve worked with you once or a hundred times, you will receive the same personal level of care and attention. We understand that you are trusting us with areas of your lifestyle, health, family, home, business or property and pets that are personal and precious to you, so we are happy to provide references to give you complete peace of mind. Everything we see, hear or do is in the strictest confidence, all of your data is protected, and we also offer non-disclosure agreements when necessary. Polly, is CRB/DBS checked and certificated

Our Senior Services lifestyle packages, exclusively for the elderly, can be an enormous help at a time of life when circumstances might be delicate, upsetting, transitional, or just too much to deal with. Polly knows, from first-hand experience, what it means to have someone by your side to hold your hand, to offer help with the practicalities, and to walk with you through the challenges of later life. Polly also offers  'Bereavement Services' - taking care of all the formalities and 'things to take care of"  after the death of a loved one.

Want to maximise your property value? Polly will ‘Style’ your Home or ‘Stage’ your Property for the Rental or Sales market- getting your Home or Property ready for Realtors or Rental Agencies.

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Polly really does care. She is compassionate, practical and sensitive and because she loves what she does, she will do what it takes to make a positive difference to your lifestyle. She approaches every task with integrity, pride and enthusiasm – as well as a great sense of humour!  You can trust Polly to do whatever is required with professionalism, empathy, and a warm smile.

Polly can assist with streamlining your life, home, office or property, whatever the circumstances. She is particularly enthusiastic about helping seniors to organise their lives and household management so that they can relax and enjoy their later years. Life is short and time is precious, so Polly’s vision is to help you to manage your life, home and business effectively for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

She is highly creative too, this is where her skills at ‘Digital’ Brand Content creation and management comes in. Polly specialises in small businesses helping them to achieve creative and engaging content for all Social Media platforms.

Wherever you are in the world, Polly can come to you! If you need help with your home or office setup, organisation or general life administration, she is happy to bring her personal and practical assistance to your doorstep.

Contact Polly, today to discuss the help you require and take your first step towards a more organised and healthy lifestyle. Scroll down to 'Contact Polly' and complete the enquiry form.

“You Need a Polly” 

is a 

"Pay as you Go"

service so you only pay for the help you need at the time. Whether that be a 'one off' or regular assistance.

“ When you need help, call Polly ! ”