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Drawing on her own life experiences, both personal and professional, Polly has created an innovative "Pay as you Go" service called “You Need a Polly” to help people organise and manage  all areas of their business and personal lives. The services offered by “You Need a Polly” are extensive Polly is highly organised and creative.  Her drive and enthusiasm are infectious. Polly brings integrity and drive to everything she does and everyone she meets, offering practical hands-on support and solutions for all things business and lifestyle-related. 

"An Organised Life is a Happier Life" 

Good Health is Good Business

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All Things Property Related

"Whilst we were overseas for several months , Polly oversaw the management and maintenance of our property. A storm occurred during our absence and Polly arranged the necessary cleaning and repairs, and, updated us with photographic evidence of the progress throughout the time.

Polly is reliable, trustworthy, and, she genuinely cares."

Property Management—Name Withheld, Erinvale Golf Estate

"Prior to renting our house, Polly styled our home ‘beautifully’, preparing it for the rental market.  She took snapshots of every room and  made a very professional introductory video of the house for presentation purposes. "

Home Styling—Name Withheld, Erinvale Golf Estate

'Prospective' buyers love to walk into a 'beautifully' styled home but it’s tough to get people in the door if the property is either void of furniture, over cluttered and too personalised.  Buyers are ‘visual’ often not seeing the Properties ‘Real’ Potential.  'Property Staging' not only attracts a higher percentage of Potential 'buyers' but assists in adding value to the Property for 're sale' or 'renting'.  First impressions matter.    On 'behalf of our Client' we contacted ‘Polly”. She did a great job of room transformation showing off the Property to its maximum potential in order to appeal to a higher percentage of buyers

Property Staging - ‘Testimonial’ from Carole Rosenblatt – Seeff Properties Somerset West

All Things Business Related

"Pauline Lawley (Polly)  ‘You need a Polly’ is a godsend for any small to medium business that has great products/services and is looking to gain a social media presence across all platforms and help with Brand Promotion. She is hands on and manages to find a creative way to promote even the most mundane of products. The content is engaging and aimed directly at your target market.

Use  ‘You need a Polly’ – you will never look back!"

Social Media Digital Brand Marketing 'Testimonial' — Sandy Steinberg, Cape Town

Wow ! we love "You Need a Polly" 

 @ A | L | A  Advanced Laser Aesthetics. 

Polly has created our brand, set up our Social Media and is busy creating high quality content and engaging feeds.  We have just started so watch us grow..  Highly recommend Polly, she is an absolute Professional.  She is very focused on a business owners needs at realistic pricing

Social Media - Digital Brand Management 'Testimonial' by Marilyn Ridgway - Owner of A | L | A -Advanced Laser Aesthetics

All Things Lifestyle Related

Unfortunately, minor bumps and accidents happen and usually at the worst possible time  For me, this was just before leaving for the airport! I called Polly and she took care of everything, including; liaising with the insurance company, arranging a vehicle inspection, and the designated  repair shop/panel beaters. We were kept informed constantly and when we arrived home, we were greeted by my fully repaired and valeted car parked in our garage. We really were ‘GOOD TO GO’!

Motor—Name Withheld, Erinvale Golf Estate

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